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“Business Proposal” (Hangul: 사내 맞선) is a 2022 South Korean Upcoming television series starring Ahn Hyo Seop (Tae Mu) and Jo Bo Ah (Shin Ha Ri). It is based on the popular web novel and webtoon (manga) of the same name by Hae Hwa.

Business Proposal (Drama Info)

Official Poster Business Proposal Poster
Original title 사내 맞선
Subtitle English
A.k.a Sanae Majseon, In-House Confrontation, A Business Proposal,
Sanae Matseon, In-House Match, Confrontation in the Company
Director Park Seon Ho
Screenwriter Han Sul Hee, Hong Bo Hee
Genres Romance, Comedy
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Episode 1 Release date Feb 28, 2022
4:00 PM
Finale episode date Apr 5, 2022
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast on Netflix, SBS
Runtime 60 min.

Where to Watch Business Proposal with english subtitles

  1. Netflix
  2. Wavve

Business Proposal (Synopsis)

Shinhari is a single woman and works for a company. She has a male friend that she has been secretly in love with for a long time. But she knew he had a girlfriend. Shin Ha Ri is sad and decides to meet her friend Jin Young Seo, the daughter of a wealthy family. Jin Young Seo then asks Shin Hari to replace her in a blind date and offers some money for her time. Shinhari accepted her friend's offer. She went out on a blind date as Jin Young Seo. while having the intention of being rejected by her date When she saw her blind date Shinhari was shocked. Her blind date is Kang Tae Moo, he is the CEO of the company she works for.

Kang Tae Mu is the CEO of the company his grandfather founded. one day His grandfather informed him of the upcoming blind date that he had prepared. Kang Tae Moo is a workaholic and he is annoyed that his grandfather made a blind date for him. He decides to marry the next woman he meets on a blind date. So he will no longer be disturbed by his work. That woman was Shinhari. but pretending to be Jin Young Seo

The next day, Shinhari receives a call from Kang Tae Moo. He asked her to marry him. Edit Synopsis

Business Proposal (Cast)

    Business Proposal Cast
  • Ahn Hyo Seop (Tae Mu)
  • Business Proposal main role
  • Kim Se Jeong (Shin Ha Ri)
  • Business Proposal main role
  • Kim Min Gue (Cha Sung Hoon)
  • Business Proposal Lead actors
  • Seol In Ah (Jin Young Seo)

  • Choi Byung Chan - Shin Ha Min
  • Jung Young Joo - Han Mi Mo
  • Kim Kwang Gyu - Shin Joong Hae
  • Kim Hyun Sook - Director Yeo
  • Im Ki Hong - Kevin
  • Lee Deok Hwa - Chairman Kang
  • Bae Woo Hee - Go Yoo Ra
  • Song Won Seok - Lee Min Woo

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