Now, We’re Breaking Up (Korean Drama)

“Now, We’re Breaking Up” (Hangul: 지금 헤어지는 중입니다) is an upcoming South Korean television directed by Lee Gil Bok and Written by Je In, the series Starring Jang Ki Yong (Yoon Jae Guk), Song Hye Kyo (Ha Young Eun), Kim Joo Heon (Seok Do Hoon) and Choi Hee Seo (Hwang Chi Sook) in the leading roles. It is set to premiere on SBS on Nov 12, 2021.

Now, We Are Breaking Up (Drama Info)

Official Poster Now, We Are Breaking Up Poster
Original title 지금 헤어지는 중입니다
Subtitle English
A.k.a Now, We Are Breaking Up, Heeojineun Joongibmida, Right Now, We’re Breaking Up, Heeojineun Jungibnida, I'm Breaking Up Now, Breaking Up, 지금, 헤어지는 중입니다, Jigeum, Jigeum
Director Je In
Screenwriter Lee Gil Bok
Genres Romance, Melodrama
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Episode 1 Release date Nov 12, 2021
4:00 PM
Finale episode date Jan 1, 2022
Broadcast on SBS, ViuTV
Airs On Friday, Saturday
Runtime 60 min.
Where to Watch Now, We Are Breaking Up with English Subtitles
Rakuten Viki

Now, We’re Breaking Up (Synopsis)

As the design team leader of one of the nation's leading fashion companies, Ha Young Eun has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Beautiful, trendy and smart, Young Eun loves her job and she is good at what she does. But when it comes to relationships, things are a little different. Being pragmatic to the point of guilt, Young Eun often acts cold, as she prioritizes stability above all else.

Both in her work and in life, Young Eun has never really bothered that others might find her cold. But when she meets Yoon Jae Kook, a famous freelance fashion photographer, things take an unexpected turn. The living definition of the perfect man, Jae Kook is rich, handsome, and smart, but that's not what caught Young Eun's attention. Jae Kook has something more that Young Eun can't seem to ignore.

As if in a dream, Young Eun and Jae Kook find themselves in love. But not every fairy tale has a happy ending. Will their story end in heartbreak or will they eventually find their own version of happiness?

It tells a story of love and a soulful breakup. Ha Young Eun, the fashion brand's designer team manager, is a modern and intelligent realist.Yoon Jae Guk, a wealthy and popular freelance photographer with good brains and looks, Hwang Chi Sook is Fashion Label's design team director. At high school with Ha Young Eun and Seok Do Hoon is a skilled PR company CEO. Edit Synopsis

Now, We’re Breaking Up (Cast)

    Now, We’re Breaking Up Cast
  • Jang Ki Yong (Yoon Jae Guk)
  • Now, We’re Breaking Up main role
  • Song Hye Kyo (Ha Young Eun)
  • Now, We’re Breaking Up Lead actors
  • Kim Joo Heon (Seok Do Hoon)
  • Now, We’re Breaking Up Lead actors
  • Choi Hee Seo (Hwang Chi Sook)

  • Nam Ki Ae - Kang Jeong Ja (Young Eun's mother)
  • Joo Jin Mo - Representative Hwang (Chi Sook's father)
  • Choi Hong Il - Ha Taek Soo (Young Eun's father)
  • Jang Hyuk Jin - Ko Gwang Soo
  • Cha Hwa Yun - Min Hye Ok (Jae Guk's mother)
  • Song Yoo Hyun - Oh In Ah
  • Park Hyo Joo - Jeon Mi Suk
  • Lee Joo Myung - Nam Na Ri
  • Yoon Jung Hee - Shin Yoo Jung
  • Ki Eun Se - Seo Min Gyung
  • Yoon Na Moo - Kwak Soo Ho

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