So Not Worth It 2021

“So Not Worth It” (Hangul: 내일 지구가 망해버렸으면 좋겠어) is an 2021 Upcoming South Korean Drama series starring Park Se Wan (Se Wan), Shin Hyun Seung (Jamie), Han Hyun Min (Hyun Min), Minnie (Minnie) and Choi Young Jae (Sam), Directed by Kwon Ik Joon & Kim Jung Shik, Written by Seo Eun Jung & Baek Ji Hyun. it is a sitcom that tells the story of international students in Korean dormitories.

So Not Worth It (Drama Info)

Official Poster So Not Worth it Poster
Original title 내일 지구가 망해버렸으면 좋겠어
Subtitle English
A.k.a Hope That The Earth Collapses Tomorrow, I Wish the World Would be Destroyed Tomorrow,
I Wish the World Would End Tomorrow, Naeil Jiguga Manghaebeolyeosseumyeon Johgesseo
Director Kwon Ik Joon, Kim Jung Shik
Screenwriter Seo Eun Jung, Baek Ji Hyun
Genres Sitcom, Friendship, Youth, Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Release Date Jun 18, 2021
6:00 PM
End Date 2021
Airs On Friday
Broadcast on Netflix
Runtime 35 min.

Where to Watch So Not Worth it with English Subtitle

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So Not Worth it (Synopsis)

"So Not Worth it" is a sitcom about a group of multinational students live together in a university dormitory in Seoul. Se Wan is a teaching assistant responsible for managing the dormitory. Jamie is a freshman in a dormitory from the United States. Sam is the son of the president of the Tteokbokki Global Food Chain, who grew up in Australia. Minnie is a Thai student and has a lot of fantasies watching Korean dramas. Hyunmin is a stateless Korean student who cannot enter the dormitory and has to go to school for 5 hours every day.Edit Synopsis

So Not Worth it (Cast)

    So Not Worth it Cast
  • Park Se Wan (Se Wan)
  • So Not Worth it main role
  • Shin Hyun Seung (Jamie)
  • So Not Worth it Lead actors
  • Han Hyun Min (Hyun Min)
  • So Not Worth it Lead actors
  • Minnie (Minnie)
  • So Not Worth it Lead actors
  • Choi Young Jae (Sam)
  • So Not Worth It main role
  • Terris Brown (Terris)
  • So Not Worth It Lead actors
  • Carson Allen (Carson)
  • So Not Worth It Lead actors
  • Joakim (Hans)

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