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Rookie Cops (Korean Drama) Cast & Synopsis

“Rookie Cops” (Hangul: 너와 나의 경찰학교) is an Upcoming Korean Drama series directed by Kim Byung Soo and written by Lee Ha-Na, Kang Daniel & Chae Soo Bin are currently in talks for the lead role.

Rookie Cops (Drama Info)

Official Poster Rookie Cops Poster
Original title 너와 나의 경찰학교
Subtitle English
A.k.a Rookies, Our Police Class, Neowa Naui Gyeongchalsueop, Neowa Naui Gyeongchalhaggyo,
Police Class of Mine and Yours, Our Police Course, 너와 나의 경찰학교
Director Kim Byung Soo
Screenwriter Lee Ha-Na
Genres Romance, Youth, Life
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Release Date Jan 26, 2022
End Date Mar 16, 2022
Airs On Wednesday
Broadcast on Disney+
Runtime -

Where to Watch Rookie Cops with english subtitle

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Rookie Cops (Synopsis)

About Wi Seung-hyun, the rookie of honor, started at the Korean National Police University. He admired his father who was the commissioner of the Gyeonggi Dongbu police headquarters. He set out to follow in his father's footsteps. But there are obstacles when he becomes involved with a woman named Go Eun Kang.

The story revolves around a young person born in 2000 who travels through university life in a maverick approach at one of Korea's most conservative universities. Korean youth and how they grow alongside dreams, love and hardships at the police university. The battle for prominence within 2,000 student campuses, one of the most conservative and exclusive campuses in the country, is told through drama. Edit Synopsis

Rookie Cops (Cast)

    Rookie Cops Cast
  • Kang Daniel (Wi Seung Hyun)
  • Rookie Cops main role
  • Chae Soo Bin (Go Eun Gang)
  • Rookie Cops Cast
  • Park Yoo Na (Ki Han Na)
  • Rookie Cops main role
  • Min Do Hee (Woo Joo Young)
  • Rookie Cops Lead actors
  • Lee Shin Young (Kim Tak)
  • Rookie Cops Lead actors
  • Kim Woo Seok (Seo Beom Joo)
  • Rookie Cops Lead actors
  • Cheon Young Min (Shin Ah Ri)
  • Rookie Cops Lead actors
  • Park Sung Joon (Yoo Dae Il)

  • Kim Sang Ho - Cha Yoo Gon
  • Son Chang Min - Wi Ki Yong
  • Ji Soo Won - Oh Sook Ja
  • Lee Moon Shik - Go Yang Chul
  • Son So Mang - Go Mi Gang
  • Park Yeon Woo - Kang Joo Chan
  • Will soon be updated!

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