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“Moonshine” (Hangul: 꽃 피면 달 생각하고) is a 2021 Upcoming Korean historical romance drama series directed by wang In Hyuk and written by Kim Joo Hee,Yoo Seung Ho (Nam Young) & Lee Hye Ri (Kang Ro Seo) are currently in talks for the lead role.

Moonshine (Drama Info)

Official Poster Moonshine Poster
Original title 꽃 피면 달 생각하고
Subtitle English
A.k.a Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms, Kkot Pimyeon Dal Saenggakhago, When Flowers Bloom,
I Think of the Moon, Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Bloom, Flower Blooms, Moon Shines
Director Hwang In Hyuk
Screenwriter Kim Joo Hee
Genres Historical, Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Release Date Dec 20, 2021
3:30 PM
End Date Feb 15, 2022
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast on KBS2
Runtime 1 hr. 10 min.

Where to Watch Moonshine with English Subtitles

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Moonshine (Synopsis)

It is a story of three people who could damage each other's lives by constantly colliding in front of the secret liquor warehouse during the Joseon Prohibition Act. An inspector who came to Seoul to attain fame and glory to save his family name, a poor nobleman who started to brew alcohol to pay off his debt, and the prince who keeps crossing the wall to drink.

The series will take place during the strictest prohibition law period in North Joseon's history, portraying human aspirations and proving that prohibition is not the best option. The main character is an inspector in the Office of the Attorney General. He left his hometown and became famous in Hanyang and restored his family status; a poor noble woman started make alcohol to pay off her debts and won a crown. The prince continued to sneak across the walls of the palace to have a few drinks. The three people had a fatal encounter in front of a secret alcohol storage vault, and thus obtained a secret. If revealed, they could cause each other's death. Kang Ro Seo can keep his beauty even in worn-out clothes. She grew up and was very wealthy until she was 13 years old. Although she was running around trying to make money for her mother's drugs and brother's books, the family's financial situation still changed drastically. Now, she has various labor experience and has developed impressive physical strength.

Lee Pyo, the crown prince who rebelled against the law during the time of prohibition. He has a face that lights up the world wherever he goes and although he was not originally named an heir, he has risen to the position now that he is the prince. the only one left. Although he seems to have everything in the world, the only habit he can't break is alcohol. Even during forbidden times, he sneaked out of the palace to drink and cause trouble for the kingdom.

Han Ae Jin is the only daughter of a noble family. She is an outspoken, stubborn character who grew up in an elegant setting and absolutely refuses to do what she hates and absolutely does what she wants. When she reached the age of marriage, she decided that she wanted a handsome husband if she had to see his face for the rest of her life. Edit Synopsis

Moonshine (Cast)

    Moonshine Cast
  • Yoo Seung Ho (Nam Young)
  • Moonshine main role
  • Lee Hye Ri (Kang Ro Seo)
  • Moonshine Lead actors
  • Kang Mi Na (Han Ae Jin)
  • Moonshine Lead actors
  • Byeon Woo Seok (Lee Pyo)

  • Jang Gwang - Moon Yeon Jo
  • Choi Won Young - Lee Shi Heum
  • Jung Sung Il - King Lee Kang
  • Kim Ji An - Ok Ran
  • Im Won Hee - Woon Shim
  • Moon You Kang - Shim Heon
  • Seo Ye Hwa - Cheon Geum
  • Park Ah In - Lee Dong Hee
  • Ahn Shi Ha - Lee Kyung Bin
  • Kim Gi Bang - Chun Gae
  • Byeon Seo Yoon - Yeon Jung Jeon

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