Nobleman Ryu's Wedding 2021 “BL Web Drama”

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (Korean Drama) Cast & Synopsis

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (Korean: 류선비의 혼례식) is a 2021 South Korean BL Web series starring Kang In Soo (Ryu Ho Sun), Jang Eui Soo (Kim Tae Hyung) and Lee Se Jin (Choi Ki Wan). This is the first BL Korean drama with a historical background.

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding Details

Official Poster Nobleman Ryu's Wedding Poster
Original title 류선비의 혼례식
Subtitle English
A.k.a Ryu Sun Bi's Wedding Ceremony, Scholar Ryu's Wedding, Ryuseonbiui Honlyesig
Director Park Kun-Ho
Screenwriter Jang Hye-Su, Kim Seulg-Ki
Genres Historical, Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 8
1st Episode Release Date Apr 15, 2021
End Date May 6, 2021
Airs On Thursday
Broadcast Network Idol Romance App
Runtime 11 min.

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Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (Synopsis)

On a warm day during the Joseon Dynasty, Ryu Ho Seon's wedding and beautiful bride Choi Hwa-jin begin. But on the first night, the bride he was expecting got suspicious, Not a woman But it's a man! Choi Kiwan, Hwa-jin's older brother, who disappeared before her wedding due to her political hatred, sits in a room with Hoson instead. He tried to cancel the marriage. But his sick mother disagreed. They follow their reunion and no one should be caught! Couple of days later, Kim Tae Hyeong, a senior at Ho Seon's school, came to congratulate him. But he falls in love with Ki Wan and flirts with him, leaving them in a predicament. With the taste of a sick mother and Tae Hyeong tirelessly sends letters, there is no time to rest. And one day, Hwa Jin appeared again. How to everything back into position? And what is this pain in their hearts?Edit Synopsis

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (Cast)

    Nobleman Ryu's Wedding Cast
  • Kang In Soo (Ryu Ho Sun)
  • Nobleman Ryu's Wedding main role
  • Jang Eui Soo (Kim Tae Hyung)
  • Nobleman Ryu's Wedding Lead actors
  • Lee Se Jin (Choi Ki Wan)

  • Kang Si Hyeon - Choi Hwa Jin

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