“Secret” Korean Movie (2021)

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“Secret” is an upcoming Korena Movie is a remake of the popular Taiwanese movie “Secret (2007)”, its genres include Music, Fantasy, Romance, Youth and School.

Secret (Movie Info)

Official Poster Secret Poster
Original title 말할 수 없는 비밀
Subtitle English
A.k.a Malhar Soo Eodneun Bimil, Malhal su eobsneun bimil, Unspeakable Secrets
Director Seo Yoo Min
Screenwriter -
Release Date Dec, 2021
Genres Music, Fantasy, Romance, Youth, School
Country South Korea
Runtime -
Where to Watch Secret with English Subtitles
"Secret" is currently not confirmed to be released on any Streaming platform

Secret (Synopsis)

A male high school student transfers to a new school. He is gifted for playing the piano. On the first day of entering a new school, he listens to the piano and follows the music. The piano sound comes from the practice room. There he meets a high school girl who plays mysterious music. Edit Synopsis

Secret (Cast)

    Secret Cast
  • Do Kyung Soo

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