“Blue Birthday” Drama 2021

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“Blue Birthday” (Hangul: 블루버스데이) is a 2021 upcoming Korean Web series directed by Park Dan-Hee and written by Moon Won-Young and Koo So-Yeon. Red Velvet's YeRi and PENTAGON's Hong Seok are the main actors. YeRi previously acted in the drama "tvN 2021 Drama Stage Season 4: Mint Condition". As for Hong Seok, he has extensive acting experience with web dramas "On The Campus", "Anniversary Anyway", TV series "Best Chicken" and "Phoenix 2020" popular in Korea.

Blue Birthday (Drama Info)

Official Poster Blue Birthday Poster
Original title 블루버스데이
Subtitle English
A.k.a Beullubeoseudei
Director Park Dan-Hee
Writer Moon Won-Young, Koo So-Yeon
Genres Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 10
Episode 1 Release date July 23, 2021
Finale episode date Sep 11, 2021
Airs On Friday, Saturday
Broadcast on Naver TV, Viki, WeTV
Runtime 30 min.

Blue Birthday (Synopsis)

It is a fantasy romance story in which the protagonist moves back and forth between the present and the past through a mysterious picture left by the first love who decided to end his life on her birthday 10 years ago

A fantasy romance drama in which the main character looks back on the past through a mysterious photo left by his first love, who died on his birthday 10 years ago. Oh Ha Rin lost her first love 10 years ago. She decided to confess to her male friend Seo Jun on her birthday, but he ended up taking his own life. She is currently working in an abandoned pet shelter, but on the 10th anniversary of her incident, she got some photos left by her first love.

Harin's first love, Ji Seo Jun. The appearance is bright and optimistic, but the inside is darkness that no one can touch. It was Ha Rin who gave him hope, and he began to develop feelings for her. He was trying to confess to her when he encountered her sudden death in her photo studio. Edit Synopsis

Blue Birthday (Cast)

    Blue Birthday Cast
  • Yeri - Oh Ha Rin
  • Blue Birthday main role
  • Yang Hong Seok - Ji Seo Jun
  • Blue Birthday lead role
  • Lee Sang Jun - Cha Eun Seong

  • Kim Gyeol Yu - Do Soo Jin
  • Kim Yi Seo - Ji Min

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