Sweet & Sour 2021 (Korean Movie)

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Sweet & Sour (새콤달콤), also known as Saekomdalkom, is a 2021 Upcoming Korean Movie starring Chae Soo Bin (Da Eun), Jang Ki Yong (Jang Hyuk) and Krystal (Bo Young), It is set to premiere on Jun 4, 2021.

Sweet & Sour (Drama Info)

Official Poster Sweet and Sour Poster
Original title 새콤달콤
Subtitle English
A.k.a Saekomdalkom, Sweet and Sour
Director Lee Kye Byuk
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance, Melodrama
Country South Korea
Release Date Jun 4, 2021
Runtime 1 hr. 42 min.
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Sweet & Sour (Synopsis)

It tells the story of a man named Jang Hyuk who wants both work and love, his girlfriend Da Eun, and Bo Young, a woman he meets in a new environment. It is said to be a refreshing romantic comedy about the complex relationship between three people going through different levels of emotion. Edit Synopsis

Sweet & Sour (Cast)

    Sweet & Sour Cast
  • Chae Soo Bin (Da Eun)
  • Sweet & Sour main role
  • Jang Ki Yong (Jang Hyuk)
  • Sweet & Sour Lead actors
  • Krystal (Bo Young)

  • Park Ji Hoon - Macaron
  • Yeo Min Joo
  • Park Chul Min
  • Lee Kyung Young
  • Choi Hwan Yi - Jo Yeon Hwan

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