Please! 8 Hours (Cast and Crew)

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Please! 8 Hours (Chinese: 拜托了!8小时) is an upcoming Chinese television series starring Thomas Tong (Ye Tian), Zhu Dan Ni (Zhang Yun Er), Zhu Dan Ni (Zhang Yun Er) and Shane Xiao (Bai Wei). Directed by Allen Lan & Zhao Tian

The story of high-IQ black tech genius Ye Tian and her sports sister AR Bai Wei, who transformed from "lifetime enemy" to "lifelong love" in a high energy setting and cool of two worlds - virtual and real.

Please! 8 Hours (Drama Info)

Official Poster Please! 8 Hours Poster
Original title 拜托了!8小时
Type Chinese Drama, Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Bai Tuo Le! 8 Xiao Shi
Director Allen Lan & Zhao Tian Yu
Screenplay Tian Ran, Ma Xiaoyu
Producer Wu Zheng
Genres Romance, Sci-Fi, Wuxia
Country China
Total Episodes 24
1st Episode Release Date 2022 ?
End Date -
Airs On -
Broadcast on iQiyi
Runtime -
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"Please! 8 Hours" is currently not confirmed to be released on Streaming platform

Please! 8 Hours (Synopsis)

A genius in black technology and an AR (augmented reality) specialist who used to be one of the biggest foes who became eternal love for each other. They shuttle back and forth between the virtual world of wuxia and the reality they live in.

In 2029, Ye Tian (Thomas Tong), chairman of Azure Corporation, has an accident and is permanently in a coma. His company will release his leftover work called the "Pangu" system. To get a final glimpse of the fantasy world that Ye Tian designed, Bai Wei (Shane Xiao) entered "Pangu" and was surprised to see Ye Tian living, breathing. It turns out, there was an attempt at Ye Tian's life and his consciousness is now trapped inside "Ancient Pan". Once he dies in the virtual world, he will also disappear forever. Bai Wei waived helping his old opponent, thus giving rise to an impossible rescue mission of "swapping bodies". Edit Synopsis

Please! 8 Hours (Cast)

    Please! 8 Hours Cast
  • Thomas Tong (Ye Tian)
  • Please! 8 Hours main role
  • Shane Xiao (Bai Wei)
  • Please! 8 Hours Lead actors
  • Zhu Dan Ni (Zhang Yun Er)
  • Please! 8 Hours Lead actors
  • Ming Ren (Lin Feng)

  • Zhao Bin
  • Koss Zhao - Zhao Jia Liang
  • Lan Man Yu - Xiao Dou Zi
  • Liu Mei Tong
  • Gao Zi Qi

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