The Wind Blows From Longxi (Chinese Drama)

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The Wind Blows From Longxi (Chinese: 风起陇西) is an upcoming Chinese television series based on Ma Bo Yong's novel of the same name. Directed by Lu Yang and written by Jin Hai Shu, the series stars Aloys Chen (Chen Gong) and Johnny Bai (Xun Xu).

The Wind Blows From Longxi (Drama Info)

Official Poster The Wind Blows From Longxi Poster
Original title 风起陇西
Type Chinese Drama,
Subtitle English
A.k.a Feng Qi Long Xi
Director Lu Yang
Screenwriter Jin Hai Shu
Novel writer Ma Bo Yong
Genres Historical, Investigation, Mystery, War
Country China
Total Episodes 60
1st Episode Release Date 2022
End Date -
Airs On -
Broadcast on iQiyi
Runtime 45 min.
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"The Wind Blows From Longxi" is currently not confirmed to be released on any OTT Streaming platform

The Wind Blows From Longxi (Synopsis)

During the war between Wei and Shu, defeat Wei using the crossbow they created. In order to obtain this powerful weapon, Wei sent many spies to infiltrate the Shu Kingdom and steal it.Chen Gong and Xun Xu were Shu spies who infiltrated the Wei Kingdom for many years. After knowing Wei's plan, they decided to work separately to stop it.

Cheng Gong remained in the Wei Kingdom while Sunsu returned to the Xu Kingdom to investigate. During the investigation, Xun Xu discovers that the crossbow-Mei Chong has been stolen.He also discovers a highly skilled spy named Zhu Long, who is ambushed in the Shu Kingdom, waiting for the opportunity to initiate the Qing Ping plan. It will link Mei Chong as an opportunity to destroy the spy network in the Shu Kingdom.

Even after finally capturing Gao Cheng Tang, the corrupt officer But Zhu was really lost as someone else. Cheng Gong ends his spy career in the Wei Kingdom and returns to the Su Kingdom.Xun Xu and Cheng Gong investigate the Zhu Long incident and uncover the truth behind the Qing Ping plan. Edit Synopsis

The Wind Blows From Longxi (Cast)

    The Wind Blows From Longxi Cast
  • Aloys Chen (Chen Gong)
  • The Wind Blows From Longxi main role
  • Johnny Bai (Xun Xu)

  • Angelababy - Liu Ying
  • Nie Yuan - Feng Ying
  • Yu Hao Ming - Yang Yi
  • Lawrence Wang - Mi Chong
  • Sun Yi Cui - Yue
  • Yin Zhu Sheng - Li Yan
  • Edward Zhang - Huang Yu
  • Zhao Zheng - Li Miao
  • Yang Yi - Gao Tang Bing
  • Zhao Zheng - Li Miao
  • Edward Zhang - Huang Yu
  • Sean Zhang - Gu Zheng
  • Chang Yuan - Sun Ling
  • Peng Yi Cheng - Hu Zhong

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