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My Fireworks on Earth Chinese drama Details

My Fireworks on Earth is an adaptation of Jiu Yue Xi's "Waiting for You in a City", starring Yang Yang and Wang Chu Ran. Filming will begin in mid-March 2022 and will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV in 2023. It will also be broadcast on Mango TV at the same time.

My Fireworks on Earth (Tv Series)
Official Poster My Fireworks on Earth Poster
Original title 我的人间烟火
Type Chinese Drama
Subtitle English
A.k.a 我的人間煙火, 一座城,在等你, Wo De Ren Jian Yan Hou, Waiting for you in my city
Director Li Mu Ge (李木戈)
Screenwriter Xu Su (徐速)
Genres Action, Romance, Medical, Life
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Episode 1 Release date 2023 ?
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on Hunan TV, Mango TV
Runtime 45 min.
Where can i watch with English Subtitles
"My Fireworks on Earth" is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platforms.

My Fireworks on Earth Plot Summary

Fire Chief Song Yan and emergency doctor Xu Chin meet again after 10 years. The two were forced to break up due to opposition from their families when they were young. When they meet again, the two have grown and changed a lot. Due to the nature of the work, Song Yan and Xu Qin gradually get to know each other. Song Yan led firefighters in Shilitai and fought heroically to keep people's lives and property safe. Despite countless trials of life and death in blood and fire, they did not change their original intentions. His persistence infected Xu Qin, and the knot that had tormented them for years gradually unraveled. After overcoming family resistance and finally reuniting, the two encouraged each other, developed together, and protected the beautiful city with their respective expertise. Edit Synopsis

My Fireworks on Earth Cast and characters

Supporting cast

  • Li Chuan
  • Wang Yan Lin
  • Wei Da Xun
  • Zhang Yue

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