Rising With The Wind (2022)

Rising With The Wind Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

Rising With The Wind (Chinese: 我要逆风去) is a 2022 Chinese Web series based on Wei Zai's novel Wo Yao Ni Feng Qu.

Rising With The Wind (Web Series)
Official Poster Rising With The Wind Poster
Original title 我要逆风去
Type Chinese Drama, Web Series, Arrogant Female Lead
Subtitle English
A.k.a Wo Yao Ni Feng Qu, I Want To Go Against the Wind, 我要逆風去
Director Zhao Yi Long (赵一龙)
Screenwriter Qin Wen (秦雯)
Genres Business, Romance, Youth
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Episode 1 Release date 2022
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on iQiyi
Runtime 45 min.
Where can i watch with English Subtitles
"Rising With The Wind" is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platforms.

Rising With The Wind Plot Summary

The story of the resurgence of the national clothing brand in the era of e-commerce follows the story of Jiang Hu, who lived his life under his father's protection until everything changed overnight. Xu Si, a man she doesn't normally get along with, saves her from committing suicide.

Jiang Hu (Zhong Chuxi) is smart and aggressive, but stubborn and arrogant. Her father, Jiang Qisheng, is the chairman of a clothing conglomerate. Contemplating suicide due to her sudden change in life, she is rescued with the help of Xu Si (Gongjun), who burns her will to stand up against the wind at her taunting remarks. Xu Si is a keen-eyed investor for maximizing profits.

Deciding to keep the shoe brand "Tengyue", the only thing in Jiang Hu's family business that she hasn't taken over yet, she runs into Xi Su, who purposely purchases "Tengyue" shoe elements at an affordable price. resell. Jiang Hu fought to the best of his ability and placed bets on the entire "Tengyue".

To maintain her company, Jiang Hu must find a way to increase sales. So she brought Xiang Chaoyang (Betty Wu) and Yang Jian (Gao Zhiting) to the team. Different classes of young people face various difficulties in starting their own business, and they have even pioneered new sales channels for the old "Tengyue" shoe brand through the Internet. However, the clash between the business philosophies of Xu Si and Jiang Hu and the tests faced by generations after the '90s proves that it is a challenge for an old brand with a history of 90 years. Edit Synopsis

Rising With The Wind Cast and characters

Supporting cast

  • Wei Zhe Ming as Gao Yi
  • Morni Chang as Pei Zhi Yuan
  • Wen Zheng Rong as Yue Shan
  • Liu Pei Qi as Ye Guo Ming
  • Gao Shu Guang
  • Ye Qing
  • Dong Xuan

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