Night Wanderer Chinese Romance Drama (2022)

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Night Wanderer (Chinese: 夜旅人) is a 2022 Chinese television series based on Zhao Xi Zhi's novel Ye Lu Ren (夜旅人), the series stars Deng Lun (Played as Sheng Qing Rang) and Ni Ni (Played as Zong Ying) and Wang Yu Wen took on the special lead role.

Night Wanderer (Web Series)
Official Poster Night Wanderer Poster
Original title 夜旅人
Type Chinese Drama, Web Series
Subtitle English
Also Known As (AKA) Ye Lv Ren, Traveller of the Night, Ye Lu Ren, Night Traveller,
Director Wan Li Yang (万里扬)
Screenwriter Hu Rong (胡蓉), Chen Mao Xian (陈茂贤), Cai Yu Ling (蔡郁玲)
Genres Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 36
Episode 1 Release date 2022 ?
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on iQiyi
Runtime 45 min.

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Night Wanderer Plot Summary

One summer night in Shanghai, Zong Ying meets an unexpected visitor at home who claims to be the owner of the apartment. Every night he travels back in time from 1937 to the present day and returns to the morning. He even proves his identity as a lawyer in the Republic of China.

Sheng Qingrang (Deng Lun) tried to convince her that she was from a different era, but the sober Zong Ying (Ni Ni) quickly dismissed it as nonsense. But when he disappears from her sight, she has no choice but to accept it. What started as an accidental encounter found a purpose.

As Zong Ying and Sheng Qingrang travel between the two eras, the two who are fairly restrained when it comes to love gradually develop from friends to best friends and eventually lovers. But as the Battle of Shanghai broke out, death seems to have cast a shadow on Sheng Qingrang's future. It is a great hope for a couple to simply be able to stay together. In the flames of war, two people who did not belong to the same time and space became the most important footnotes in each other's lives. Edit Synopsis

Night Wanderer Cast and characters

Supporting cast

  • Wang Yu Wen as Sheng Qing Hui
  • Gao Ye as Xue Xuan Qing
  • Wang Duo as Yin Xi Meng
  • Zhang Gong as Director Xiao
  • Yang Shi Ze as Sheng Qiu Shi
  • Liu Run Nan as Rong Qiang
  • Chen Xi Jun as Sheng Qing He
  • Jampa Tseten as Xiao Ding Jun
  • Hou Chang Rong as Zong Qing Lin
  • Wang Yuan Ke as Sheng Qing Ping
  • Ophelia Yang as Xing Xue Shu

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