You and I on the G-String 2019 (Japanese drama) Synopsis & Cast

You and I on the G-String 2019, Japanese drama, Synopsis, Cast

Japanese drama: You and I on the G-String 2019

Native Title G線上のあなたと私
Subtitle English
Alternative title G-senjou no Anata to Watashi
Directors ?
Screenwriters Adachi Naoko
Genres Music, Romance, Life
Country Japan
Episodes ?
Release Date Oct 15, 2019 - 2019
Airs On Tuesday
Network TBS
Duration 57 min.

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Synopsis: You and I on the G-String

Yaeko Kogure is a 27-year-old OL. She advises her company that she wants to get married. Her fiance then informs her that he is in love with another woman and he breaks off their engagement. Yaeko Kogure now doesn't have an occupation or a boyfriend. While crying, she hears "Air on the G String" playing live in a shopping center. The song motivates her to enroll in a violin class for adults. There, she meets college student Rihito Kase and housewife Yukie Kitagawa. Yaeko Kogure becomes attracted to Rihito Kase.

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Main Actors: You and I on the G-String

Haru as Yaeko Kogure | Nakagawa Taishi as Rihito Kase

Co-Stars: You and I on the G-String

Matsushita Yuki as Yukie Kitagawa | Sakurai Yuki as Kusumi Rei | Suzuki Nobuyuki as Kase Hayato | Mao as (Hairdresser - Kogure's cousin)

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