Hitori Kyanpu de Kutte Neru 2019 (Plot synopsis & Cast)

Hitori Kyanpu de Kutte Neru 2019, Plot synopsis, Cast

Japanese drama: Hitori Kyanpu de Kutte Neru 2019

Native Title ひとりキャンプで食って寝る
Subtitle English
Alternative title Eat and Sleep at Camp Alone
Directors Tominaga Masanori
Screenwriters Masanori Tominaga, Kasho Izuka, Daisuke Hosaka
Genres Food
Country Japan
Episodes 31
Release Date Oct 18-2019
Airs On Friday
Network TV Tokyo
Duration ?

Synopsis: Hitori Kyanpu de Kutte Neru

Kento likes to cook with canned food and eats them at a campsite. Nanako loves to cook with natural ingredients that she gets from nature. The only thing Kento and Nanako have in common is that they only eat and sleep in the camp. Because of the people they meet in camps, they are both fascinated by the world of food.

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Main Actors: Hitori Kyanpu de Kutte Neru

Main Actors: Hitori Kyanpu de Kutte Neru

Miura Takahiro as Oki Kento | Kaho as Nanako

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