Nowhere Man 2019 (Cast & Plot synopsis)

Nowhere Man 2019, Cast, Plot synopsis

Taiwanese Drama: Nowhere Man 2019

Native Title 罪夢者
Subtitle English
Alternative title Bardo
Directors Chen Yin Jung
Screenwriters Chen Yin Jung
Genres Thriller
Country Taiwan
Episodes 8
Release Date Oct 31-2019
Airs On ?
Network ?
Duration 60 min.

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Synopsis: Nowhere Man 2019

Nowhere does Man follow the prisoner in the death row who heard that his son was being abducted while he awaited execution in prison. To save his son and protect his family, Quan is planning a jailbreak just to be in an even more dangerous collision. From time to time, Quan falls half asleep and leads the viewer to the highway of redemption. It is a story woven with moving brotherhood, intricate gangster background and breathtaking jailbreak.

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Main Actors: Nowhere Man

Joseph Chang | Alyssa Chia

Co-Stars: Nowhere Man

Mavis Fan | Wang Bo Chieh | Jeremy Liu | Greg Hsu

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