Hot Blooded Youth 2019 (Plot Synopsis & Cast)

Hot Blooded Youth 2019, Chinese drama, Plot Synopsis, Cast,

Chinese drama: Hot Blooded Youth 2019

Native Title 热血少年
Subtitle English
Alternative title Re Xie Shao Nian ,Zu Jie Shao Nian Re Xie Dang An ,
The Files of Teenagers in the Concession, 租界少年热血档案
Directors Chu Yui Bun
Screenwriters ?
Genres Action
Country China
Episodes 58
Release Date Oct 22-2019
Airs On ?
Network iQiyi, Netflix
Duration ?

Synopsis: Hot Blooded Youth

These are the early years of the tumultuous republic of China in mainland Chinese history (1912-1949). Shanghai is a city divided into a number of jurisdictions, known as concessions, mostly ruled by foreign powers - and crime is widespread.

An incredible story about a youngster who defeats many hardships to become a formidable force in the Shanghai Bund.
Xiong Tian grew up in the streets. With nothing to his name, he works a thankless job just to win a living. However, he is quick to understand, talented and exceptionally gifted in steam-powered machines. By chance he gets aconfused battle and he works his way to become a champion.

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Main Actors: Hot Blooded Youth

Z. Tao as Wu Gan | Sophie Zhang as He Hong Yi

Co-stars: Hot Blooded Youth

Cao Xi Yue as Wu Xiao Xiao | Wang Jin Song as Shang Wei | Jeam Zhu as Wan Jin Long | Wang Zi Teng as Dong Da Chui | Hong Xuan as Qiao Na | Ning Xiao Hua Mo as Xin Long | Zhang Fan

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