HIStory2: Boundary Crossing 2 [2020] (越界 2) Release & Cast

HIStory2: Boundary Crossing 2 [2019] (Taiwanese Movie)

Poster HIStory2: Boundary Crossing 2 [2019], 越界 2, Release, Cast, Synopsis
Native Title HIStory 2-越界 2
Subtitle English
Alternative title HIStory 2 - Crossing the Line 2, HIStory 2 - Love Over the Line 2
Directors Mi Chieh Tsai
Screenwriters Lin Pei Yu
Genres Friendship, Romance, School, Sports, Youth
Country Taiwan
Release Date 2020
Duration 25 min.

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Synopsis: HIStory2: Boundary Crossing 2

Continuation of the "Boundary crossing" series

Synopsis: HIStory2: Boundary Crossing (2018)

This storyvline is about school, youth, enthusiasm, sport and romance. Wang Zhen Wu is Wang Zhen Wen's older step brother, Zhen Wen likes him, but Zhen Wu cannot show his feelings to his younger brother because they are step brothers. Qiu Zi Xuan was an incredible volleyball player previously, however he needed to give up his dreams because of his injuries, but he everything he takes an interest in volleyball-related training, arranging and helping them get into training, seeing them improve. During the training he meets a man, Xia Yu Hao, a man with a very bad temper who quickly gets angry with people who make him angry, but he strives to achieve what he constantly wants to achieve. Zi Xuan thinks he is the one who can achieve his dream instead of him. He hopes that Yu Hao can achieve what he could not do before

Main Cast: HIStory2: Boundary Crossing 2

Fandy Fan Fandy Fan as Hsia Yu Hao
Zach Lu Zach Lu as Qiu Zi Xuan
Yang Meng Lin Yang Meng Lin as Wang Zhen Wen
Patrick Shih Patrick Shih as Wang Zhen Wu/Zhang Li Qin

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