Billion Dollar Heir 2020 Romantic drama Synopsis And Cast

Billion Dollar Heir 2020 (Chinese drama)

Poster Billion Dollar Heir 2020, Romantic drama, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 亿万继承人
Subtitle English
Alternative title Millionaire Inheritors, Hundreds of Millions
of Successors, 억만계승인, 继承人, Heirs
Directors -
Screenwriters -
Genres Romance
Country China
Episodes 40
Release Date 2020 
Airs On -
Network -
Duration -

Synopsis: Billion Dollar Heir

Lu Zi Hao is the son of a president who owns a large conglomerate whose family has more than ¥ 10,000,000,000 and yet he sees that he has a relationship with a happy orphan. After leaving his father, his mother becomes a shadow for him, making him a playboy. The sudden death of his father left him with an inheritance of ¥ 3,000,000,000. This will change the life of Lu Zi Hao, thinking about what his life way ought to be. Fortunately, he knows that the angel of his life, Mei Leng, whose boyfriend dies in a mountain, comes to the aid of Lu Zi Hao. Initially Mei Leng is full of hatred for him, but gradually the fate of the two brings the world of the heir, Lao Zi Lu makes him a brave and distinguished man

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Main Cast: Billion Dollar Heir

Choi Shi Won

Choi Shi Won as Yue Xi Wang

Adi Kan

Adi Kan as He Xing Ran

Yu Xiao Tong

Yu Xiao Tong as Fan Yu Xuan

Hong Soo Ah

Hong Soo Ah as Lu Huan Er

Co-Stars: Billion Dollar Heir

Xuan Lu as Kong Shan Shan | Joanna Zhengas as Xiao Xiao