Under The Power 2019 Synopsis And Cast

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Chinese drama: Under The Power 2019

Poster Under The Power 2019, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 锦衣之下
Subtitle English
Alternative title Beneath the Brocade Robes, Beneath the Embroidered Uniform,
Jǐnyī zhī xià , 锦衣之下爱别离 , 锦衣之下
Directors 📝
Screenwriters 📝
Genres Historical, Mystery, Romance
Country China
Episodes 56
Release Date Dec 31-2019 ? 📝
Airs On 📝
Network 📝
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Under The Power

The story is set during the Ming dynasty. Female police officer Yuan Jin Xia is ordered to help the ferocious embroidered uniform guard (imperial secret police) Lu Yi to resolve a case in Yangzhou. The two do not seem to get along at the beginning, but because of the hardships they have to endure together, they learn to trust each other. When they finally become lovers, the fateful story of their families is brought to light.

Main Cast: Under The Power

Allen Ren Allen Ren as Lu Yi
Seven Tan Seven Tan as Yuan Jin Xia
Han Dong Han Dong as Yan Shi Fan
Julia Ye Julia Ye as Shangguan Xi

Co-Stars: Under The Power

Ethan Yao as Xie Xiao | Lu Hong as Yang Yue | Xi Xue as Lin Ling | Han Cheng Yu as Lan Dao Heng | Liu Wei as Lu Bing | Ding Yong Dai as Zhu Houcong, the Jiajing Emperor | Qi Pei Xin as Yu Ting | Guo Xiao Feng as Yang Cheng Wan | Li Ting Zhe as Uncle Gai
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