Legend of Awakening (2020) Cast, Synopsis & Release

Drama info: Legend of Awakening 2020

Cast, Synopsis, Release date
Native Title
Alternative title
Tian Xing Zhi Lu, The Road of Awakening
Ricky Wong
Li Jingling
Friendship, Wuxia, School, Fantasy
Release Date
Apr 23, 2020 / May 24, 2020
Airs On
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
iQiyi, Youku, Mango TV
45 min.

Synopsis: Legend of Awakening 2020

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, people were ravaged by animals, so they began to cultivate as a means of self-protection. Four young heroes embark on a journey to awakening. Lu Ping and Su Tang are orphans. Zhaifeng Martial Arts School recorded them when they were young and they became close friends with Mo Lin and Yan Xi Fan. The four make a pact to become one of the awakened people, starting on a path where they will encounter many different opponents to reach their goal.

Main Cast: Legend of Awakening 2020

Chinese actor Arthur Chen as Lu Ping
Chinese actor Dylan Xiong as Yan Xi Fan
Chinese actress Cheng Xiao as Qin Sang
Chinese actress Ancy Deng as Su Tang

Supporting characters: Legend of Awakening 2020

Jerry Yu as Mo Lin || Allen Ting as Chai Rong || Aero Xiao as Liu Song || Shang Xuan as Ling Zi Yang

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