My Fitness Coach (Chinese Drama)

My Fitness Coach Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

"My Fitness Coach" (Chinese: 我的健身教练) is an upcoming Chinese television series Directed by Alfred Hsing, the series stars Jiro Wang (Zhou Qiao) and Zhang Li (Shen Meng), The filming of "My Fitness Coach" took place in Shenzhen and Los Angeles.

My Fitness Coach (Tv Series)
Poster My Fitness Coach poster
Native Title 我的健身教练
Subtitle English
A.k.a Wo De Jian Shen Jiao Lian
Directors Alfred Hsing, Zhao Chen Yang
Screenwriters Zhao Chenyang
Genres Friendship, Sports, Comedy, Romance
Country China
Episodes 42
Release Date 2022 ?
Airs On -
Network -
Runtime 45 min.

Story Summary

A fitness trainer helps a female reporter on her quest to lose weight and their relationship grows into a heartwarming romance. Shen Meng (Zhang Li) is an ordinary woman in her thirties. She considers herself a kind of goddess who is only slightly more plump. When the promotion she's got so close falls into the lap of Su Nuo (Tao Hui) and her relationship with seven-year-old love and boyfriend Han Zuo (Liu Junxiao) ends in a breakup, Shen Meng deserves the chance to interview interview mysterious fitness coach named Zhou Qiao (Jiro Wang).

Actors and their Characters

  • My Fitness Coach, cast, starring Jiro Wang as Zhou Qiao
  • My Fitness Coach, cast, starring Zhang Li as Shen Meng

Supporting Cast

  • Liu Junxiao as Han Zuo
  • Tao Hui as Su Nuo
  • Liu Junxiao as Han Zuo
  • Lenox Lu Nuo as Liao Fan
  • Henry Prince Mak as Gao Xing
  • Caesar Li Mao as Zhou Zhe
  • Liu Lili as Xu Jiali
  • Wang Lin as Tang Ling

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