Legend of Fei 2020 (Cast, Synopsis, Release date)

Legend of Fei 2020 (Chinese drama)

Poster Legend of Fei 2021, Bandit, You Fei, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 有翡
Subtitle English
Alternative title Bandit, 有匪, You Fei
Directors Ng Gam Yuen
Screenwriters Lu Lu, A Mu
Genres Romance, Wuxia, Action, Adventure, Historical
Country China
Episodes 51
Release Date Dec 16, 2020 / Jan 14, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Network Tencent Video
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Legend of Fei

A legendary story follows the heroine Zhou Fei who travels through the combative world with her knife in hand. The nation ended up in chaos many years ago. A knightly hero receives orders from the king to surround the bandits, making him the leader of the 48 mountain stronghold that takes people in need. After his death, his daughter Li Jinrong becomes the new leader and marries Zhou Yitang. Their daughter Zhou Fei is born into a dynasty that has seen the renowned families decline in power. Zhou Fei runs away from home at the age of thirteen. She would have had a certain death, if not for Xie Yun, who saves her from evil. Years later they meet again at Huo country house. Martial arts masters who had gone into hiding reappeared. The young heroes are chased by hitmen and caught in a brewing conspiracy. An adventurous journey together through Wulin.

Main Cast: Legend of Fei

Zanilia Zhao Zanilia Zhao as Zhou Fei
Wang Yi Bo Wang Yi Bo as Xie Yun
Chinese actress Zhang Hui Wen as Wu Chu Chu
Chinese actor Chen Ruo Xuan as Li Cheng
Chinese actress Zhou Jie Qiong as Li Yan
Chinese actor Oscar Sun as Yin Pei

Supporting Cast: Legend of Fei

  • Andrew Leng - Ying He Cong
  • Geng Le - Shen Tian Shu (One of Cao Zhongkun's Men)
  • Hu Bing - Li Zheng (Zhou Fei's Grandfather)
  • Cai Xin Yang - Huo Chang Reng
  • Zong Feng Yan - Zhou Yi Tang (Zhou Fei's Father)
  • Michelle Dong - Duan Jiu Niang
  • Che Xiao - Li Jin Rong (Zhou Fei’s Mother)
  • Wang Wan Juan - Madame Ni Chang
  • Zhang Jia Shuo - Chen Shu Ying
  • Huang Jue - Ji Yun Shen (Yin Pei's Master)
  • Wang Xin Qiao - Zhu Chen
  • Ruan Sheng Wen
  • Dai Xiao Ying
  • Cindy - Zhou Fei (Young)
  • Ricky Wang

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