Twelve Legends (2021 Web Series)

“Twelve Legends” (Chinese: 十二谭) is a 2021 upcoming Chinese Web series based on Ni Luo's novel of the same name, Directed by Chen Shuliang and Shi Er Tan, the series stars Jasper Liu (Jin Xing Jian) and Gülnezer Bextiyar (Ye Ming). Twelve Legends to be aired on Youku on 27 March, on Saturday for 32 episodes.

Twelve Legends (Drama Info)

Official Poster Twelve Legends Poster
Original title 十二谭
Subtitle English
A.k.a Twelve Tans, Shi Er Tan
Director Chen Shuliang, Jia Fang
Writer Ni Luo
Genres Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 32
1st Episode Release Date Mar 27, 2021
End Date Apr 15, 2021
Airs On Saturday
Orig. Network Youku
Runtime 45 min.

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Where to Watch Twelve Legends with English Subtitles

  1. Viki (Eng Sub)
  2. YOUKU
  3. Tang Ren Theater (Eng Sub)

Twelve Legends (Synopsis)

A creature born of a stone falls in love with a mythical woman and their romance spans two thousand years. Jin Xing Jian, who was once a stone, transformed into an extraordinary existence that made him both a god and a demon. He runs a gallery that attracts demons from all walks of life, and he testifies for what they will do for love. When it comes to his own love life, he has a complicated relationship with Ye Ming, a woman who is hidden in mystery and formed from a night pearl. This is a story about the world of humans and youkai is sometimes funny, sometimes emotional, sometimes passionate, sometimes sweet. Edit Synopsis

Twelve Legends (Cast)

    Twelve Legends Cast
  • Jasper Liu (Jin Xing Jian)
  • Twelve Legends main role
  • Gülnezer Bextiyar (Ye Ming)

  • Liu Chang - Yu Shao Bai
  • Jason Koo - Lian Xuan
  • Zhou Jun Wei - Ye Qing Chun
  • Katherine Yang - Xiao Qing
  • Chen Yu Si - Ye Li Na
  • David Zhang - Bai Jin Gang
  • Chen Zhe Yuan - Bai Yu Shu
  • Ancy Deng - Xiao Yu
  • Li Yu - Hong Dou Xiang Si Jun
  • Xu Mu Chan - Bai Yi
  • Ding Qiao - Jia Bei Le
  • Zhao Shun Ran - Duan Qing
  • Larina Zhang - Xiao Tao
  • Liu Yu Han - Lu Jin Zhi
  • Bian Cheng - Xiao Hu
  • An Hu - Duan Shi Ling

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