Unusual Idol Love 2021

Unusual Idol Love (Chinese Drama) Cast & Synopsis

“Unusual Idol Love” (Chinese: 新人类男友会漏电) is a 2021 Chinese drama series based on Guo Si Te's webtoon (manhua) of the same name. The series stars Ao Rui Peng (Hu Li) and Rain Lu (Ji Nian), Directed by Tan You Ye.

Unusual Idol Love Details

Official Poster Unusual Idol Love Poster
Original title 新人类男友会漏电
Subtitle English
A.k.a 不寻常偶像爱, New Human Boyfriend Will Leak Electricity, Xin Ren Lei Nan You Hui Lou Dian, Bù xúncháng de ǒuxiàng ài
Director Tan You Ye
Writer Guo Si Te
Genres Romance, Sci-Fi
Country China
Total Episodes 24
1st Episode Release Date Mar 27, 2021
End Date 2021
Airs On Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast on -
Runtime 35 min.

Where to Watch Unusual Idol Love with English Subtitles

  1. "Unusual Idol Love" is currently not confirmed to be released on any international Streaming platform
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Unusual Idol Love (Synopsis)

The story of popular idol Hu Li, who discovered his true identity as AI and was destroyed by the company in the form of "suicide by depression" due to irreparable malfunction, Hu Li then fled to Ji Nian, the home of the female protagonist, and started a fantastic and romantic life together. Edit Synopsis

Unusual Idol Love (Cast)

    Unusual Idol Love Cast
  • Ao Rui Peng (Hu Li)
  • Unusual Idol Love main role
  • Rain Lu (Ji Nian)

  • Jackey Zhu - Bai Dong Chen
  • Xie Yan Feng - Zhuo Yuan
  • Huang Hao Yue - Zhou Yi Fei

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