Bernarda Alba (Korean Movie 2021)

Bernarda Alba (Hangul: 베르나르다 알바) is a 2021 Korean musical film based on Federico García Lorca's play The House of Bernarda Alba (Spanish: La casa de Bernarda Alba). This musical is a 10-woman show that revolves around the story of how an authoritarian mother brutally beat her daughter to force them to do housework.

Bernarda Alba (Movie Details)

Official Poster Bernarda Alba Poster
Original title 베르나르다 알바
Type Korean Movie
A.k.a Bereunareuda Alba
Director -
Genres Music, Drama
Country South Korea
1st Episode Release Date Apr 28, 2021
Runtime 1 hr. 46 min.
Where to Watch Bernarda Alba with English Subtitles
"Bernarda Alba" is currently not confirmed to be released on Streaming platform

Bernarda Alba (Synopsis)

An intriguing piece of work that lifts the wishes of the head of the household, Bernarda Alba, and her five daughters into a passionate Flamenco!

A village in Andalusia, southern Spain in the early 1930s. Bernarda Alba, her second husband, Antonio, after his sudden death, lives with his elderly mother and five daughters. Inheriting and managing Antonio's food and property, including his farm, she becomes a competent head of household. During the eight years of mourning for Antonio, Bernarda Alba closely watched her family so that they could not continue to interact with the villagers, forcing them to live a very restrictive life.

In this situation, her first daughter, Angustias, hastily begins to marry her younger fiance, Pepe, and creates a subtle tension between the two sisters that become fond of Pepe's looks. .

Bernarda Alba's Peaceful Home Within it, Bernarda Alba and her family were jealous and confronted with their own passion that ultimately led to their destruction. Edit Synopsis

Bernarda Alba (Cast)

    Bernarda Alba Cast
  • Jung Young Joo (Bernarda Alba)

  • Hwang Seok Jung - María Josefa
  • Kim Gook Hee - Martirio

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