Pipeline (Korean Movie 2021)

Pipeline (Hangul: 파이프라인) is a 2021 Korean film Inspired by true events, its genres include action and Crime. Seo In-Guk and Lee Soo-Hyuk previously starred in the 2014 drama 'High School King of Savvy.' It is set to premiere on May 26, 2021

Pipeline (Movie Info)

Official Poster Pipeline Poster
Original title 파이프라인
Type Korean Movie, Inspired by true events
Subtitle English
A.k.a Paipeulain
Director Yoo Ha
Screenwriter Kim Kyung Chan, Yoo Ha
Genres Action, Crime
Country South Korea
Release Date May 26, 2021
Runtime -
Where to Watch Pipeline with English Subtitles
"Pipeline (Movie)" is currently not confirmed to be released on any OTT Streaming platform

Pipeline (Synopsis)

An underworld prodigy led the oil looters into the largest pipeline known as the country’s “artery”, thus saving his luck from catastrophic explosions and corporate greed.

South Korea has more than 1,200 kilometers of pipelines, which are the arteries of the country. Several people made headlines by entering this network to siphon oil. The drill bit is a drilling prodigy provided by Geon Woo, the head of the petroleum refining company. This huge sum of money is used to complete an impossible robbery within a month to drill the pipeline between Hunan and Seoul-Busan highway.

In order to complete the work in time, he formed an incompetent team: civil engineer "Mr. Na", mining expert "Big Shovel" and welding expert "Folder". Just when the police were moved by the wind of this oil robbery, Drill-bit’s mines collapsed, and his team was in trouble from all directions. Due to the setbacks and delays in their actions, Geon Woo threatened their lives. Drill-bit’s team promised to complete the work within 2 days, but Geon Woo plans Blow up the fuel tank and Drill-bit team after pumping oil. Edit Synopsis

Pipeline (Main Cast)

    Pipeline Cast
  • Seo In Guk (Pin Dol Yi)
  • Pipeline main role
  • Lee Soo Hyuk (Gun Woo)
  • Pipeline Lead actors
  • Yoo Seung Mok (Section chief Na)
  • Pipeline Cast
  • Eum Moon Suk (Jeop Sae / New bird)
  • Pipeline main role
  • Bae Da Bin (Counter)
  • Pipeline Lead actors
  • Tae Hang Ho (Geun Sab / Big shovel)

  • Bae Yoo Ram (Man Shik)
  • Kim Min Kyung (Hyun Soon)

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