Exemplary Detective (Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary)

Plot synopsis and brief summary

Exemplary Detective” (Korean: 모범형사) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Son Hyun Joo (Kang Do Chang), Jang Seung Jo (Oh Ji Hyuk) and Elliya Lee (Jin Seo Kyung), Directed by Jo Nam Gook and written by Choi Jin Won, “Exemplary Detective” will mark the reunion of actor Son Hyun Joo and director Jo Nam-Kook, who previously worked together on 2012 SBS drama “The Chaser.” And 2013 drama Empire of Gold. The series aired on jTBC & Netflix for 16 episodes.

Cast, synopsis
Native Title
Alternative title
Mobeomhyungsa, A Model Detective
Jo Nam Gook
Choi Jin Won
Detective, Investigation
South Korea
Release Date
Jul 6, 2020 / Aug 25, 2020
Airs On
Monday & Tuesday
jTBC, Netflix
60 min.

Synopsis: Exemplary Detective 2020

This is a drama about the race between those who want to get close to the truth and those who want to cover up the truth. Kang Do-Chang (Son Hyun-Joo) has been a detective for the past 18 years. He was born and raised in Incheon. He used his own experience and personal connections forgoing scientific and technology or reasoning ability to investigate the case. Oh Ji-Hyeok (Jang Seung-Jo) is a detective. He has 9 years of experience. Unlike Kang Do-Chang, he used evidence and insight into criminal psychology to investigate the case. Due to childhood trauma, he did not share his feelings. Thanks to the late uncle, he was rich, and he left him a lot of legacy. Jin Seo-Kyung (Lee Elijah) is a newspaper reporter. She has 5 years of experience and is passionate about her work.

Main Cast: Exemplary Detective 2020

Exemplary Detective Son Hyun Joo as Kang Do Chang
Exemplary Detective Jang Seung Jo as Oh Ji Hyuk
Exemplary Detective Elliya Lee as Jin Seo Kyung

Supporting characters: Exemplary Detective 2020

Cha Rae Hyung as Kwon Jae Hong || Kim Myung Joon as Shim Dong Wook || Ahn Shi Ha as Jung Yoo Seon || Shin Dong Mi as Yoon Sang Mi || Oh Jung Se as Oh Jong Tae || Son Byung Ho as Kim Gi Tae || Ji Seung Hyun as Kim Shin Chul || Son Jong Hak as Moon Sang Beom || Jo Jae Yoon as Lee Dae Chul || Jung Soon Won as Ji Man Gu || Baek Eun Hye as Kang Eun Hee || Kim Ji Hoon as Byun Ji Woong || Kim Sun Kyung as Ji Hyuk's mother || Park Geun Hyung || Lee Hyun Wook || Lee Sang Woon || Jo Hee Bong || Shin Jae Hwi as Park Hong Doo || Jo Jae Ryong

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